Widgets for Whatsapp™ (ROOT!)

Widgets for Whatsapp™ (ROOT!)

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Descrição de Widgets for Whatsapp™ (ROOT!)

Wigets for Whatsapp™ are two Homescreen-Widgets for Whatsapp™:* List Whatsapp™ Messages Widget

* Whatsapp™ Online / Offline Toggle Widget*** DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT ROOTED ***


*** Please ignore comments of people who are too stupid to understand this. ***List Whatsapp™ Messages Widget:Put one or more WhatsWidgets on your home screen to see all your Whatsapp™ messages directly on your home screen.

You can filter for a single contact, so you can have one widget for each of your best buddies. (See screenshot!)

Widgets can be resized and support scrolling (Android 3.x up).

Many different themes and layout options!

Quick-Reply function directly out of the widget!Whatsapp™ Online / Offline Toggle Widget:Now it's easy to go offline in Whatsapp™ if you don't want to be disturbed. Simply click on the Widget and Whatsapp™ will disconnect from the server

- you won't receive any more messages and your "Last Seen" date will freeze. You can still write messages but they will actually not get sent.

All pending incoming or outgoing messages will be received or sent as soon as you klick the Widget again to go online.

All this is totally independent of your internet connection. You can still use the internet in all other apps while you are offline in Whatsapp™.*** We can not answer your ratings / comments, so for

*** any questions or suggestions, please email tosupport@6am3.com*** This free demo version will show ads and also limits the amount of space for List Widgets.

*** You can buy our "Unlocker App" in order to unlock the widgets and get rid of the ads!

*** In order to use this App your phone or tablet has to be "Rooted".

*** If you don't know what this is then this App is not for you!

*** You need Whatsapp™ installed to use this application **

*** Supports all phones / tablets from Android 2.1 up!

*** However, Widget-Scrolling is only supported from Android 3.0 up!

*** Emoji / Smileys will show up in Android 4.1 and up,

*** or alternatively try this to install Emoji-Enabled font on older Androids:

*** https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojifontupdater

*** Permissions:

*** android.permission.INTERNET: Used to show Ads until the app is unlocked.

*** com.android.vending.BILLING: In-App upgrade / donationsWhatsapp™ is a registered Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

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